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West Bend City Hall

West Bend City Hall
301 S Broadway Ave

The West Bend City Council meetings are held the second and fourth Mondays of each month at City Hall. Regular meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.


Meet Your Community Leaders

Marilyn Schutz
2-Year Term
Expires 12/31/17
Joseph Montag
Council Member
4-Year Term
Expires: 12/31/19
Linda Thilges
Council Member
4-Year Term
Expires: 12/31/19
Brooke Winkelhorst
Council Member
4-Year Term
Expires: 12/31/19
Chris Newton
Council Member
4-Year Term
Expires 12/31/17

Grant Gearhart
Council Member
Expires 12/31/17


Planning & Zoning Commission
Commission Members
Term Expires
Rajean Eubank
Dennis Wilson
Alex Bleuer
Cindy Grimm
Patricia Simmons
Planning & Zoning Commission meetings are held the fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 PM at City Hall. The commission establishes the city zoning regulations and other matters relating to city building codes.

Board of Adjustment
Board Members
Term Expires
Brian Bormann
Expires 7/1/21
Terry Struecker
Expires 7/1/19
Ethal Klepper
Expires 7/1/22
Loren Winkelhorst
Expires 7/1/23
Irene Banwart
Expires 7/1/20

City Employees
City Clerk
Deputy Clerk
Police Chief
Fire Chief
Utility Superintendent
Gas/Public Works Foreman
Electric Foreman
Gas/Public Works Operator




The Town of West Bend was established in 1856 and incorporated on January 31, 1884. It may be interesting to know that West Bend, the first town in Palo Alto County, was at one time named “Ives,” being named after the president of the old B. C. R. & N. Railroad. This however, was before any buildings were erected on the present site. The people of West Bend Township voted a special tax of five cents for the building of the railroad on the condition that the Railway Company would locate a station within the border of the township, which they did, just inside the county line.

The township derived its name from the sharp turn the Des Moines river makes toward the west at a point southwest of the present town-site. The township being named West Bend, and also because the very first post office was at the Carter Cabin on the bend, the people wanted their new station named West Bend. It was through the efforts of Mr. A.B. Carter that the officials of the railroad consented to the change. A.B. CARTER pictured at right.

The building of the railroad brought with it the construction of shanties and later more permanent buildings. Progressing steadily, what was at first a modest and perhaps adventurous beginning of a town by the early public-spirited folk, soon grew and flourished.

WEST BEND TRAIN DEPOT. The first passenger train that came through West Bend on the railroad (in 1881) brought the first doctor to town – Dr. E.W. Bachman.

With business increasing and buildings being constructed, the townsmen felt the need for the establishment of a bank. Two banks were organized within a few years. The Union State Bank was organized in 1892 with a capital of $45,000. The West Savings Bank was organized in 1899, with a $15,000 capital.

At one time the town of West Bend had two newspapers, the Advance and the West Bend Journal. The latter, which is still in business, was first entered as 2nd class matter in July 1888. The Editor of the paper was D.H. Williamson. WEST BEND JOURNAL office pictured at left.

In 1892 the Farmers Creamery began in a frame building in the northwest section of town. Tom Clark was the creamery manager. When the creamery building burnt down in 1928, a new creamery was built. WEST BEND CREAMERY pictured at right.

As the mode of travel advanced, livery stables gave way to motor garages. Irvin Comer operated the first garage, then called the West Bend Auto Company. FIRST HORSELESS CARRIAGE IN WEST BEND. The first horseless carriage in West Bend was owned by Dentist, Dr Kulp, pictured at left.

The Garfield Center School was built around 1875. The country school was located just east of West Bend on B63. In later years the building was used as the Garfield Township Hall. In 1993, Joe Schmidt purchased the building and had it moved to his farm place near West Bend.






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